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1. October 1. November 2014

Eawag, Dübendorf, Forum Chriesbach


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You become skilled in searching and finding relevant scientific information using Lib4RI’s library facilities and suitable databases. You get acquainted with reference management software, an essential tool for organising your literature information, citing within research papers and dissertations, and for creating bibliographies.

Due to frequent demand our introductory course is split into three separate modules that can now be booked individually:

  • In module 1, «Searching Scientific Information», you become skilled in finding relevant scientific infor-mation using suitable tools offered by Lib4RI (
  • In module 2, «The Publication Process», you get to know the principles of the publication process incl. Open Access, learn how to deal with copyright questions and become acquainted with typical measures for scientific research evaluation.
  • In module 3, «Literature Management with Endnote», you get introduced to scientific literature man-agement using Endnote.
  • Other Trainings: SciFinder workshop (November 7, 2014)

Details see: www.lib4ri.ch/services/trainings.html